So lately I’ve been noticing that the more I listen to muse the more I like them, which of course is just fine and dandy like sour candy, if it hadn’t been for the ridiculous amount of music I “have” to listen to, and by that I of course don’t mean that there is some one forcing me to listen to it. I simply think that it is such a crime against nature and the artists to let the music go unheard of…you buying this? me neither. Honestly whenever I find an album I like, or even a new artist, or any new (new to me at least) music really, it is not possible for me to leave it^^

So the last days Muse has been on repeat, and I even watched the Muse HAARP Live at Wembley dvd, which by the way was awesome, and I recommend everyone to see that if you’re fan of muse of course. 🙂

Stay tuned for next episode, I’ll be shamelessly promoting Placebo, a way too unappreciated band I feel^^

Take care and enjoy



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